About David

David Chapman is the principal practitioner at Bodypractic and has been treating since 1994, as an expert massage and myofascial practitioner and as a Chiropractor since 2000.

His initial business, besides doing week-end markets was “David Chapman’s Massage on the Move” which evolved into "David Chapman’s Chiropractic on the Move”.

David combined his “on the move” work with clinic based practice and now David has been at the Rose Bay North practice since 2003. 


Driven by the consistent spinal injuries from slouching and technology use in his clinic, David decided to focus on prevention as well as treatment.

​His ergonomic consulting and Massage Wellness Days has seen him treating staff at many companies such as Dexus, BOQ specialist, Quantium, Mallesons law Firm, WIndeyer Dibbs, Corpporate Express, Didata and Mumbrella. 


This has helped numerous companies decrease their OH&S risk, promote spine health and posture awareness and create a relaxed and rejuvenated work place.

David also promotes and sells equipment such as Sit/Stand desks, laptop risers and phone holders in order to change his clients habits and create safer work environments.

David's latest venture, "The Bodypractic Posture App" is used to notify you whenever you are holding your phone incorrectly. Creating a spine safe environment wherever you are. 


David Chapman's passion for treating his clients has evolved into a passion for global awareness of Spine health.


​Prevention is key, change your habits, change your life, you only get one spine. 


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