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Our Philosophy is to help you!

A synergy of your body,
our skills & knowledge for your health benefit.

Making you aware of how to implement changes to your lifestyle &
work towards a healthier existence.
We give lots of in-clinic advice &
also have an abundance of
life hacks, health tips and advice online.

We provide long session treatments that our patients are comfortable with. 

BODYPRACTIC Chiropractic clinic is a Chiropractic & Health Care clinic offering a full range of Chiropractic & Massage treatment.
We provide E
rgonomic advice Corporate services.
We aim to help people of all ages and lifestyles to gain
& maintain their optimal health.

David is a posture expert & has lots of advice for avoiding & helping with back pain, neck pain & of course stretching.

We have the experience, knowledge & equipment to assist you to return to activities after injury, as well as advice & strategies to help prevent injuries

We are able to support women throughout their pregnancy as our treatment table accomodates pregnant women.
Children respond to lifestyle changes, hence the need for early intervention of postural awareness, given the continuing
rise of use of technology at an early age.



place pillows on your lap helps with neck and  back pain  good for supporting your phone  or book

We also have a range of ergonomic products supporting our

therapies such as; adjustable height SIT & STAND DESKS

including an amazing ELECTRIC version, phone holders, pillows,

ice packs, orthotics, lap top raisers, body scrubs and healing crystals.

corporate massage and ergonomics WHS OHS posture avoid neck pain
bodypractic healthy spine green  good posture



healthy spine

Your health, your priority!

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