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 Price list

All treatment involves soft tissue techniques  (massage)

The strength of treatment pressure is up to you.

Treatment can include a combination of
Chiropractic adjustments

- Manual, Activator & Drop piece 
- Spinal mobalisation
- Ergonomic advice
- Physical therapy

Soft tissue techniques
- Massage
- Stretches

Electrotherapy including 
- Interferential
- Low level laser
- Ultrasound

Core strength advice

Injury rehabilitation advice


You do not have to be manually adjusted (cavitated)  if you wish not to be.

It is your body & we have many techniques to assist you that are fully appropriate

Initial consultation includes history, assessment and treatment

Private health Rebates available
We have a HICAPS machine at the clinic.

massage being performed relax good no pain
hot rock massage relaxing feels good
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