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Corporate Wellness Days & In-house Treatment

Corporate Wellness days are an in-house arrangement that benefits the productivity of the whole business.

Our therapists come to your premises to treat your staff.

The service can include treatment & advice on a range of issues including 

  • neck, shoulder & arm massage

  • ergonomic assesment of work stations

  • typing & telephone technique assessments

  • assesing potential repetitive strain injuries & suggesting remedies.


These wellness sessions add to the good health of your staff as well as increasing staff morale.

Over the years David & his team team have provided a mixture of in-house treatment & Wellness Days for many businesses, such as: Quantium, Mallesons , Dimension Data, Investec, Corporate Express, Windeyer Dibbs, Aquent, Design Troupe, BOQ Specialist & many more...

dexus bodypractic seated corporate massage
dexus whiole team working wide shot dexus bodypractic seated corporate massage

What Does a Bodypractic Wellness Massage Day Involve?

The treatment is provided by experienced, safe, smart and nurturing therapists.
We use seated ‘face down’ massage chairs and regular stationery chairs for our corporate treatments. Staff will stay dressed and draped with a towel.

We will ask if they have any ‘areas to avoid’, as we don’t wish to inflame or aggravate any areas. Your staff are instructed to ‘close their eyes, drift off and relax’.

The patient is asked to advise the therapist if the pressure is uncomfortable. Seated massage chairs and accessories required for treatment are provided. We may need access to electrical power to plug in and to play relaxing music. We may also need a few simple stationery chairs.

Ergonomic advice is included with the Wellness Day. David is an expert in this field. With 20 years of experience as a Chiropractor, he has a complete understanding of the mechanical working of the body
and how it should ‘fit’ in to the work place.

Sometimes the smallest changes have enormous benefits upon
foreseeable risk habits. He will also be on hand to give advice for

stretch routines to help minimise workplace injuries.

Relaxed staff are
happier staff,
which means more
productive staff.

bodypractoc corporate massage team
david seated massage corporate ergonomics health

What are the Benefits of a Bodypractic Wellness Day?

• Staff appreciate the company’s care of their wellbeing.
• A great business investment that benefits both staff and the company.
• Morale boosting.​

• Staff retention 

• Convenience in-house.
• Relaxed and pain-free staff are more efficient, work better, easier, longer and are happier.
• Increased productivity and motivation.
• Decreased number of sick days.
• Reduced number of hours lost to staff seeking treatment.
• Supports OH&S policies.
• Good posture encouraged and work ergonomics information needed.

david seated corporate massage bodypractic

Call us to organise
it for your team!

9388 8588

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