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Kid's posture checks

Kid's posture is something I take extremely seriously, obviously being a Chiropractor and a father of two.

So I thought I would take time to weigh in on the debate of Chiropractic treatment for children and try to explain why I think it's beneficial.

Increasing use of technology by children from an early age makes spinal checks a more common practice and a great way for a parent to insure spinal health for their child. We are seeing a whole new generation of kids who began using electronic tablets and phones before even being able to talk or walk.

That's never happened before and let me tell you, our bodies aren't built to adapt to that, ESPECIALLY a developing body, a body that is growing and changing and forming habits.

Ever seen a toddler and think, gee they sit up so straight!?

Well that's because no bad habits have been formed yet, THAT'S HOW OUR SPINE IS MEANT TO BE, shocking I know but we should be able to sit up straight without, well, effort. Without comparing it to a solid ab workout.

SO my point is that because humanity and technology evolves, we now have to really be aware of our spine and it's health.

The most important contribution a parent can make for their child's future is to support and foster their child's good health. This includes a healthy spine and good ergonomic habits.

This is a gift from parents that their child will take into adult life.

Now for something that I cannot stress enough...

Chiropractic is extremely safe, even for kids.

Chiropractic adjustments are especially adapted for kids using a lighter pressure. I generally use a instrument called an Activator. It is a hand held device to provide a very gentle Chiropractic adjustment

see the link

When working with a child I also assess:

· Posture whilst sitting, standing, reading and using technology

· Body posture whilst sleeping

· Use of backpack

I also give the child exercises if required and tips for good posture.

The reality is, increasing use of technology by children from an early age and the use of heavy backpacks, can create spinal and other issues for our children.

Resulting bad posture may lead to headaches, loss of concentration and poor sleep patterns for them. Children don't deserve that.

Catching bad habits early is key and spinal checks alert you.

Kickstart some positive habits and techniques NOW.


David Chapman - Chiropractor and ergonomic enthusiast

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