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Pillows Can Be A Great Ergonomic Help

people using pillows on your lap hence good ergonomics and posture
#pillowsonyourlap !

Be mindful of your posture!

So whether you are reading, gaming or using your phone make sure to place a pillow or 2 on your lap!

It gives you a platform to rest upon and helps you not to slouch./

It is really easy and helpful.

Our health and our children's health matters! More importsant than nicehair or fashionable clothing :-)


David Chapman - Chiropractor and Ergonomic enthusiast

picture of pillows on lap and people doing different  activities. Phone, Book, Laptop . Any time !
# pillowsonyourlap Phone, Book, Laptop . Any time !

David Chapman using his phone with pillows on his lap
Do it!

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