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Phone Cradling

Along with the awesomeness that comes along with modern technology, there is one thing that is slowly becoming common practice and keeps my patients returning with the same condition.


The everyday act of carrying a million things, walking somewhere, being distracted, trying to get to work and answering your phone at the same time and then proceeding to talk with YOUR EAR GLUED TO YOUR SHOULDER.

Now you don't need to be a chiropractor to know that this position probably isn't safe or anatomically normal for the human body.

The insidious compression that occurs when cradling a 12mm object is mechanically dangerous. It’s not just about the PAIN.

The damage over time is visible in the anatomy of our children who grew up with technology and the symptoms from which they suffer.

So please for the sake of your spine, neck and your bank account (due to the numerous treatments and surgeries that evolve from this) STOP CRADLING YOUR PHONE

If you want to know more, jump onto our website or download the app on your android.

Oh! If you get a card in the street that says "You've been busted for phone cradling" that's me!

Your welcome and remember to pay it forward.


David Chapman - Chiropractor and Ergonomic enthusiast

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